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  "As a business owner who happens to be a professional photographer, I was loving my client's feedback of being "thrilled" and "LOVING THEM ALL" but disappointed when they came to the studio and ordered four 5x7 prints.  After a few conversations with Trish Logan, I decided to meet with her for a full day in her beautiful studio. She reviewed how I sell, she helped me revamp my sales offerings that took me from a few 5x7's to an average sale of $900/session (within one week!!!).   Trish is not only a talented photographer but a skilled business person who is in tune with the industry and what portrait clients are looking for." ~ Carl C.


 "Fantastic program today.  You added many dollars to the bottom line of anyone who heard you and will take action.  What you have done in a short three years is nothing short of amazing."  ~ Tom  F.


"To my fellow photographers looking to take their school photography to the next level. Trish Logan has got a program for you...  Trish's at Imaging USA year resulted in one simple response….well, DUH….  as she showed us how to develop a very profitable and easy to manage system of School photography.

While most of us try to combine and split the time between our family life and our “Photography” life, Trish showed us a better way.  Trish showed us that by scheduling our school shooting time at the same time our kids are in school, we don’t have to make that difficult decision or feel guilty about taking our time away from our families.   Trish also showed us, with a simple formula just how we can get great results without the overload that a lot of us have experienced when we try to take on such an endeavor.

She breaks down, her results and shared with us this formula to help us experience the success that she has had in just a very short time.  I can’t wait to see her again to see what new tidbits I can learn from her success…"

Rick Dupler, CPP DPPA President 2015-2016

 "A huge shout out to Trish Logan for today's fantastic, informative program on branding and volume photography". Thank you for sharing!   ~ Barbara T.


"Trish Logan, your presentation hit the spot. You have made outstanding progress in the past three years.  Thank you for sharing what you have learned."  ~ Dave E.